Since being elected, I’ve worked for the families of the Inland Empire, opposing proposals that would drive up the already high cost of living, keeping property taxes low, stopping over $6 billion in new taxes, working on upgrading education standards, and passing legislation to improve the lives of veterans.

Stopping Tax Increases

Senator Morrell has led efforts to hold the line against new taxes. In 2015, he and his Republican colleagues successfully stopped billions of dollars in proposed increases. Senator Morrell is also committed to preserving Proposition 13, which has protected property owners from excessive taxation for nearly 40 years.

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Government Accountability

Government should work for the people, not the other way around. Transparency is key to protecting citizens against government overreach. Senator Morrell is the author of legislation mandating that the state post the annual budget and be made available to the public online prior to a vote of the legislature.

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Public Safety

A primary responsibility of government is to provide for the protection and safety of our communities. Accomplishing this task requires the collaborative and coordinated efforts of federal, state, and local resources. Senator Morrell strongly opposed both AB 109 and Proposition 47 and continues to call for their repeal.

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Since being elected to state office, Senator Morrell has authored and supported legislation focusing on issues impacting those who have served in our nation's Armed Forces. Veterans and their families have made innumerable sacrifices for our country. They are devoted to the defense and prosperity of our nation. We should do all we can make their transition back home a little easier.

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Transportation and Infrastructure

California has among the highest gas and transportation-related taxes in the country, yet our roads frequently rank as some of the nation’s worst. In the last five years, over $5 billion has been diverted away from transportation projects to backfill the state budget. Senator Morrell has worked with his Republican colleagues to oppose new taxes and propose legislation that would stop the state from diverting funding away from our roads. Tax increases are not the answer.

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Keeping Property Taxes Low

It’s no secret that Californians pay more in taxes than those in neighboring states. We’re at the top of the charts when it comes to the state sales tax, our corporate tax rates are the highest in the west, and drivers here pay one of the steepest gas taxes in the country. Yet, despite these facts, some in Sacramento don’t think these taxes are enough.

Their primary target is undoing the taxpayer protections put in place by Prop. 13, yet few laws have done more to keep seniors in their homes and help first-time homeowners. These protections must be kept in place.

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